12 self-grooming tips for every teenager girl:-

Tasmia Shabbir
5 min readMay 9, 2020

Self-grooming:- can make you a unique person and different from others. If you take care of yourself you will look very good. Self-grooming also helps in career development. We have to make self-grooming a part of our life.

1. Eyebrows Trimming:-

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After age 15, girls must trim their eyebrows because wild eyebrows do not look good. Trim your brows long hair with scissors or use tweezer to remove unwanted hairs. Trimming brows is important because it will change your face overall look. Always shape your eyebrows according to your face shape. Do not shape your eyebrows to thin because it will make you look mature.

2. Removing unwanted facial hairs:-

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Having hair on the lips reduces their beauty. Remove upper lip hairs and unwanted hairs on the face with sugar waxing or Halawa wax. If you feel pain with it then go for epilators.

3. Teeth Whitening:-

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When you smile everyone notices your teeth. If they are yellow people may make fun of you. To avoid such type of embarrassing clean or brush your teeth before going for sleep and after getting up early in the morning and after meals. You can turn your teeth white by brushing your teeth with charcoal powder, using a mixture of lemon juice or black salt, or doing oil pulling.

4. Hair Trimming:-

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If your hairs look like straws, it can have a bad effect on your personality. Hair split ends are a sign of weak and lifeless hair. You can cut your hair according to your face shape. If you are keen to lengthen your hair so trim them from the bottom. Doing so makes the hair look alive, healthy, and equalizes them.

5. Dressing Sense:-

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The right choice of clothing has a great effect on your personality. The correct choice of color and design in your clothing makes you very attractive. Select light colors good designs. Don’t follow trends wear what you like according to your length and body shape. If you are tall always opt for a short shirt. And if you are short, opt for a long shirt, dress or maxi.

6. Body mists or Perfumes:-

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You should shower daily so that your body does not smell bad. Don’t use too many perfumes or fragrances but whenever you use scent to make sure that it is light perfume or body mist. You can use scented lotion.

7. Blackhead Removal:-

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Having blackheads, whiteheads, and open comedones cause skin irritation. Blackheads can also take the form of a pimple. They look so weird. It can affect your overall facial appearance. You have to remove them. It’s easy to remove blackheads. Take steam by using a facial steamer and remove them by using any scrub which contains salicylic acid or green tea. If you can bear pain use a charcoal peel-off mask. Don’t squeeze them because bacteria can enter in them through your hands and can make it worse.

8. Skin Care:-

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The skin is a garment of our body that has no substitute. Beautiful skin cannot maintain its beauty unless it is protected. If skin protection measures are taken at a young age, it is possible to avoid getting freckles on the face in old age. Skin protection should be included in the daily routine. Cleanse your face twice a day. Don’t use too many chemicals. Apply sunscreen on your face daily to protect your skin from damage by sun rays (UVA or UVB).

9. Hand Care:-

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As important as the face and hair for an attractive and looking personality, so are the hands. Rather it would not be wrong to say that a beautiful personality depends largely on beautiful and clean hands. Scrub your hands two times in a week to remove dead skin. Use a good hand lotion regularly to make your hands soft. Nails play an important role in the attractiveness of hands. If you want to grow your nails make sure to clean them. Manicure your hands once a week.

10. Feet Care:-

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In addition to clean your hands, also take care of your feet. Clean your feet daily. Pedicure your feet once a week. Cut your nails and clean them. If your heels are cracked using a feet cream or lotion will heal them.

11. Accessories:-

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A girl’s personality is considered incomplete without ornaments and accessories. Always wear a nice watch or mini studs in your ears. Wearing a watch will give you a very classy look. You can wear a chain with a unique pendant.

12. Makeup:-

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A girl’s first wish is to look beautiful and to make herself attractive in every possible way. So, she resorted to makeup. Makeup is the key to gaining self-confidence. Don’t apply too much makeup. Apply light pink or rosy cheek tint or blush on your cheeks. Apply light shade matte lipstick of your favorite color on your lips. Apply light matte eyeshadows on your eyelid. Curl your beautiful eyelashes to make them more beautiful. Shape your brows by using any brow pomade or brow gel.